Facilities and Equipment
Are there any smoking areas?
An ashtray is available on your left out of the first floor entrance.

Do you have a curfew?
We do not set a particular curfew. We, however, lock the entrance for crime prevention from 1:00 5:00 AM.
Please use your room key card and unlock the side entrance. If you do not have the room key card with you, please use the intercom and call the front desk. The front desk is available 24 hours a day.

Can you keep our baggage before or after we check in or check out?
We will keep your baggage before you check in if you have made a reservation.We will keep your baggage for the day that you check out.

Is it better to leave the room key at the front desk when we go out?
You can take out or leave the room key at the front desk.

Is it possible to send our baggage in advance via a parcel delivery service?
It is possible if you have already made your reservation. Please send to the baggage to the following address.
5 Mibu-Bojo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi,Kyoto 604-8804
Please describe your name and scheduled check-in date on the docket.

How far in advance can we make a reservation?
In principle, we accept reservations up to six months in advance.

Are there any restaurants in the hotel?
There are no restaurants in the hotel. You may bring food.

Is there any conference space available in the hotel?
There is no conference space in the hotel.

You offer a selection of breakfast menus. When can we tell you our choice?
Please tell us the choice by 6 PM the day before. You may change the selection as well.
If you do not contact us in time, we may decide the menu.

Is there a yukata (casual kimono) to wear when you go to the communal bath?
We prepare samue (room clothes) for each of you, which you can wear and go anywhere inside the hotel.
We prepare haori (a Japanese coat) as well.
Accommodations and Rooms
Can we stay with pets?
You cannot stay with pets.

It seems that there are beds in guestrooms according to the photos. Are all the guestrooms in Japanese style?
All the guestrooms are in Japanese style with futon bedding.
The photos on the website are sofa beds with a futon on them.
Please unfold the sofa beds and prepare the futon bed anytime you like.

Where can we get water for the pot in the room?
The tap water in the room is drinkable. Pour water from the tap at the washbasin.

Are the teabags in the room charged?
The teabags in the room are free of charge. Please feel free to use them.

Is there a safe in the room?
There is no safe in the room. A safety deposit box, however, is available at the front desk. Please contact the front desk.

Do you have Wi-fi??
Free Wireless LAN internet service is available in all guest-rooms and lobby area.
Access and Parking
Where is the parking lot? Is it close to the hotel?
There is an affiliated parking lot, which is approximately a three-minute walk from the hotel. Please understand that the parking space is limited.
A reservation is required. For details, please contact the front desk.
A remote control key is required when you park your car. Please contact the front desk before you park your car.

Is there a motorcycle or bicycle parking space?
We have no motorcycle or bicycle parking space. We will guide you to the nearest parking space available.




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