Room Rates (per Room)

Village Kyoto has four types of guest rooms; 23m2, 26m2, 35m2 and 43m2.
Our rooms are suitable for families and groups of friends but also for couples who want to spend time in a spacious hotel room.

●Types of Guest Room
Japanese room 43m2
(Approx. 15 tatami-mat size)
(Approx. 13 tatami-mat size)
(Approx. 9 tatami-mat size with beds)
(Approx. 8 tatami-mat size)
Maximum number of guests 5-6 people 4-5 people 2-3 people 2 people
Check-In and Check-Out Times

Check-In 15:00
Check-Out 11:00

[Early Check-In and Late Check-Out]
●2,200yen / room for the first hour
●1,100yen / room for each additional hour
*This service may not be available if the hotel is full.

  • * A 43-m2 room
  • Recommendation 1: Using the room with your family.
  • Recommendation 2: Using the room with girl club members or friends.* A 43-m2 room
An innovative space where nostalgia is harmonized with newness. The Japanese-style tatami room offers a relaxing time.

Village Kyoto is a new style hotel with the atmosphere of a “classic Japanese inn” and the comfort of a hotel.
All guest rooms are Japanese style rooms with tatami floors. There are sofa-beds (or mattress if you prefer) and futon beds available in each room. You can sit on the sofa and talk or you can spread the futon bed if you want an early night. You can use the room to suit your needs. All beddings are in the closet and already have sheets and covers on so it is easy to make beds.

  • * A 43-m2 room
  • * A 43-m2 room
Furnishings and Amenities

Each guestroom has a bath where you can refresh before you go out or relax after you return. Guests can use the spacious communal baths as well.


Futons and pillow (with sheets and covers set on them), bathroom, air conditioner, large-scale LCD TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric pot, and hair dryer


Samue (a kind of clothes originally worn by Buddhist monks), bath towels, face towels, toothbrush, shaver, shampoo, rinse, and body-wash

* The hotel offers amenities for children (aged 3 to 5) as well.
  • Change into samue and relax.
    • * A guest bathroom
    • Change into samue and relax.
Cancellation Policy
No. of guests No-show Same-day cancellation 1 day before 2 days before 9 days before
General guests
(up to 14 people)
100% 80% 50% - -
(15 people or more)
100% 80% 50% 50% 10%




Number of Guests

Adult per room /1room
number of rooms

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